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Century Media_Distribution

The battle raged on and on,fuelled by the venom of hatred for man

Ah, so thats were all the metal went...
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This community is dedicated to Century Media Records and distribution.
Anything related to Century Media and the CM family (Nuclear Blast, Olympcic Records, Abbacus and Liquor and Poker) is allowed.
You can review albums (and please do), remind us of release dates and upcoming shows, talk about shows you have been to in the past, promote your own band, sell shit, whatever as long as you don't start drama. I don't like it and you shouldnt either. You can post an introductory post if you want as long as you dont include the words "goth" "punk" and "drugs" unless you are referring to them and how bad they suck.

My journal is Hexxagram, so contact me if you see changes that need to made or if their are any problems. Thank you

...and oceans, 1349, alexi laiho, arch enemy, as i lay dying, at the gates, atreyu, bal-sagoth, behemoth, being mean, black metal, blind guardian, bloodbath, borknagar, breakdowns, bruce dickinson, buy my record, cadaver inc., candiria, carcass, carnal forge, carpathian forest, carthage, cd stores, century media, century media family, century media records, children of bodom, christopher amott, cradle of filth, cryptopsy, dark tranquillity, darkane, darkest hour, death metal, decapitated, demons & wizards, devin townsend, dew-scented, dimension zero, dimmu borgir, distribution, doom metal, dream evil, drum solos, ektomorf, emperor, episode 666, eurometal, evergrey, extol, eyehategod, eyes of fire, god dethroned, god forbid, golem, gothenburg metal, guitar solos, haste, hating punk music, headbanger's ball, headbangers ball, heavenshallburn, heavy metal, hellfest, hypocrisy, hyprocrisy, i the curse, iced earth, immortal, in flames, industrial metal, inflames, into eternity, iron maiden, kataklysm, katatonia, killswitch engage, kovenant, lacuna coil, lamb of god, long hair, machine head, machinehead, mayhem, melodic death metal, meshuggah, metal, metal fests, metalcore, michael amott, mnemic, music debate, music disscussion, music reviews, nevermore, nightrage, no return, norther, norwegian black metal, not quite death metal, nuclear blast, nuclear blast records, old haste, old machinehead, old man's child, olympic recordings, opera metal, opeth, passenger, power metal, progressive metal, raunchy, scar culture, sentenced, shadows fall, skinlab, soilwork, speed metal, spinefarm, spinefarm records, stampin' ground, strapping young lad, stratovarius, stuck mojo, syl, symphonic metal, the black dahlia murder, the black daliah murder, the crown, the devin townsend band, the gathering, the haunted, the kovenant, thrash metal, to/die/for, true black metal, viking metal, war metal, weapons of mass destruction